Winnipeg 1919 by Raymond Biesinger 05/02/16

Produced by Montreal-based artist and illustrator Raymond Biesinger, Winnipeg 1919 is one of the latest in a series of Canadian city prints. The project is something Raymond considers is "part of a getting-to-know-you exercise with the nation's architecture and history... all through research, geometry, and attention to detail. I’d call this set as much a research exercise as a visual exercise; each city in the set hosted 40 to 120 different buildings and landmarks from a specific time. Every one of them involved a large amount of time research on heritage sites, the pages of architecture books and Google Maps."

About this Winnipeg print:

This is Winnipeg on the 15th of May 1919, a day considered by many as the hottest moment during the Winnipeg General Strike. You can imagine Main Street stretching up and down the print at its 2/3 mark, and note Winnipeg's beautiful old city hall (demolished in 1962) still stands left of the crowd and flag near the print's top.

Screenprinted by UNIK Printshop in Montreal. 24"x24", two colours on white 80 lb Cougar smooth cover paper. Dimensions include a 1.5" margin. Signed and editioned.

Print, comes unframed: $64.00