Tips for Thoughtful Gifting 06/15/15

With the school year coming to a close, CTV Morning Live invited Danika to share our top gift ideas for teachers. She put together a few tips for thoughtful gifting. See them below! 

1) Keep it genuine. Include a hand-written card – mention specifically the notable things they've done to make your child's year memorable, and anything you're especially thankful for.

2) If possible, take note of their classroom. Do they often display artwork? Do they incorporate special activities into their lessons? If so, art prints or craft supplies might make a great gift that the whole class will benefit from.

3) Think back to any activities they may have mentioned in conversation. Even small talk will often lead to mentions of a summer cabin, a favourite restaurant, or a sport they play. In this case, get them something they might use in their spare time over the summer vacation.

4) Elevate their classroom desk with stationery beyond the necessities. Standard-issue loose leaf and plastic ballpoint pens have their place, but aren't especially exciting. A unique fountain pen or decorative notebook are things that might not be in their school's budget, but they personalize a workspace and make it unique and enjoyable. 

5) When in doubt, get something well-made, useful and practical. Consumables that they'll use up and won't just sit in a closet. Avoid trinkets, or purely decorative items which may not suit their taste.