Manitoba vs. The World

Manitoba vs. The World


Who made it?
Designed by Manitoban Ty Johnston

How big is Manitoba? 
649,950 square kilometers, or 160,371 acres, or 80 million CFL football fields (give or take a few). 

Are the sizes of the areas accurate? 
Yes. The shapes are based on the Mercator map projection we're used to seeing (on Google maps, etc.), but adjusted in size according to the Winkel Tripel projection (as seen in the National Geographic's map of the world). 

To project the sperical surface of our earth onto a flat surface (like this print), we have to make some adjustments. The Winkel Tripel projection is the most accurate representation of size and the Mercator peojection provides the most accurate shapes. 

How big is the print?
This print measures 50cm x 70cm - it fits nicely in an Ikea frame for ease. 

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