Golden Boys 09/26/15

Designed by Ty Johnston, "Golden Boys" is the newest print to the shop! It celebrates Winnipeg's iconic golden boy who lives atop our city's fine Legislative building. This double-sided piece was screenprinted in Montreal with gold ink on black Stonehenge acid-free stock. 

Illustrated by Ty Johnston and Kellan Stover. 50x70cm. Available exclusively at Tiny Feast, $45.

The history of Winnipeg's Golden Boy:

He was commissioned by the Manitoba Government in 1918 and sculpted in France. The ship carrying the statue to Canada was commandeered for the transport of troops in WWI. The boy lay in the hold of the ship, travelling many miles, constantly in danger before arriving in Halifax, being shipped to Winnipeg, and finally being hoisted to the top of Manitoba's then-new Legislative Building.

The Golden Boy was modelled after a 16th century sculpture of the Mercury, the roman messenger god of trade, profit and commerce. His sheaf of wheat represents the fruits of labour and the torch represents a call to youth to join his eternal pursuit of a more prosperous future. The statue faces north, symbolizing the importance of natural resources and economic opportunity.

Size and Stature
He stands 16 feet tall and weighs 3637 pounds.