Screen Print With Foil Emboss

Designed and printed by Wednesday Paper Works in Berlin.
Limited edition of 200 each.

Auriga (red) means charioteer, the name of a small constellation of stars in the northern hemisphere. As you shift your viewpoint on the print, you'll see the colour, the circle or the design variously in the foreground. 

Fornax (white) means chemical furnace; it's a small constellation of stars visible in the southern hemisphere. Light iridescent foil embossed on a white silkscreen print.

Corvus (black) means raven. Named for a small constellation of stars in the southern hemisphere; a darkly glinting crystal structure is embossed on a raven-black background.

Size: 30cm x 40cm (12 x 16 inches)
Each sold individually, unframed. 
Fits IKEA's Ribba frame.

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